2017 BRC Student and Instructor Applications Are Open

»Posted on Apr 16, 2017


The 2017 BRC applications are now live for Students and Intructors!  For more information and to apply, check out the BOEALPS BRC webpage.

The BOEALPS Basic Rock Class (BRC) is designed to bridge the gap between the Basic and Intermediate Climbing Classes. It introduces students to principles of technical rock and basic alpine climbing, allows them to establish mentorship relationships with more experienced climbers through a 1:1 student-to-instructor ratio, and gives them experience in following a trad lead climber who will lay the groundwork for learning to lead after the class.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Following on moderate, technical rock climbing routes (both Sport and Trad)
  • Creating anchors and setting top ropes
  • Climbing alpine multi-pitch routes
  • Becoming more independent trip planners

Class outings are approximately every other weekend from July to August, with classroom sessions the week prior to the weekend outing.  Students are expected to be in good physical condition.

Application Available: NOW!
Application Deadline: Monday, May 8, 2017
Student Announcements: Monday, May 22, 2017
1st Classroom Session: Wednesday, July 5, 2017

For more information, please contact:
Jeff and Priti Wright – email: brc@boealps.org

 Climbing is awesome!


2017 Spring Camp Out

»Posted on Apr 13, 2017

The BOEALPS Spring Campout is coming up fast.  Both the BCC and ICC will be in Leavenworth for their outings the weekend of 4/22 and 4/23.  The weather is warming up and the rocks are starting to dry off, so you should come too.

This year because of the lingering snow pack we have booked the Wenatchee Confluence State Park group camp.  We will of course be having our potluck dinner on 4/22, BOEALPS will provide the main dish and guests can bring their favorite dish to share.

2017 Intermediate Climbing Class

»Posted on Jan 24, 2017

The Boeing Employee’s Alpine Society Intermediate Climbing Class expands the physical, mental and technical limits of those who wish to challenge themselves in the alpine setting.

In an intensive, hands‐on environment, you will learn the skills and gain the experience necessary for you to be self-sufficient on intermediate‐level alpine climbs. Skills you will learn include:

  • Leading traditional multi‐pitch rock climbs
  • Steep Snow and Ice Climbing
  • Self‐rescue techniques
  • Alpine and expedition climb planning

Class outings are approximately every other weekend from the end of March to the end of August, with classroom sessions the Monday prior to the weekend outing. Students are expected to be in good physical condition and have some gained climbing experience beyond the basic climbing class.

Application Available: Friday, January 27th

Application Deadline: Sunday, March 5th

First Classroom Session: Monday, March 20th


Student Application

Instructor Application

For more information, please contact:
Aaron Nash ‐ e‐mail: ICC@BOEALPS.ORG

2017 Waterfall Ice Seminar

»Posted on Jan 18, 2017

The season for waterfall ice climbing is here and it’s been a great one so far.  If you’ve seen all your friends’ posts online and want to learn how you too can climb frozen waterfalls, the waterfall ice seminar is just for you.  This will be a two day course focusing on high angle ice climbing technique and becoming familiar with the process of leading and following an ice route.  This class builds on the “Alpine Ice Seminar” but the only prerequisite is the Basic Climbing Class or equivalent skills. 
The seminar is being held February 4th thru 5th in Lillooet, B.C.

Find out more of the details and sign up on the Ice Seminar page. 

2017 Backcountry Ski Seminar

»Posted on Jan 11, 2017

The BOEALPS Backcountry Ski Seminar is back!
Snow is falling in the mountains and it’s time to get stoked on skiing. If you’ve been thinking about ditching the resort and searching for untracked pow in the backcountry, this class is for you! This seminar is aimed at giving the new backcountry skier all of the skills and knowledge they need in order to plan and carry out their own ski tours.

The class will meet on two days: one night session on Monday, January 23rd, and one day long backcountry tour on Saturday, January 28th.

Course Information and Application