Backcountry Ski


Backcountry Ski Seminar

Snow is falling in the mountains and it’s time to get stoked on skiing. If you’ve been thinking about ditching the resort and searching for untracked pow in the backcountry, this class is for you!

  • Are you tired of those long approaches and descents, wallowing in snow while using snowshoes?
  • Have you ever looked out onto the slopes of the mountains around you while you climb and think “This would be an awesome ski”?
  • Have you ever gone to the ski area after a big powder dump, only to be disappointed to find it completely tracked out within an hour?
  • Are you tired of the lines, the people, the money wasted on lift served skiing?

This seminar provides new backcountry ski/split-boarders the skills and knowledge they need in order to plan and carry out their own ski tours. We will cover different touring equipment (skis, skins, bindings, boots, poles), terrain and route selection, how to set an efficient skin track, backcountry travel techniques, efficient transitions from tour to ski, and more.

The class will meet in two sessions: one afternoon class session during the week to cover concepts and plan a tour, and one full day backcountry tour.


Photo: Alicia Broederdorf