Below are the BOEALPS Club classes offered to both Boeing and Non-Boeing employees.


Basic Mountaineering Class
The BOEALPS Basic Mountaineering Class (BMC) is a great opportunity to learn the skills that are necessary for basic competence in alpine travel. This course covers at an introductory level everything from proper clothing and route finding to glacier travel and crevasse rescue. If you are new to the outdoors or have outdoor experience but lack the training to go with it, then this course is a must for you!


Basic Rock Class
The Basic Rock Class (BRC) is designed to bridge the gap between the Basic and Intermediate Climbing Classes. It introduces students to principles of technical rock and basic alpine climbing, allows them to establish mentor-ship relationships with more experienced climbers through a 1:1 student-to-instructor ratio, and gets them experience in following a trad lead climber that will lay the groundwork for learning to lead beyond the class.


Intermediate Climbing Class
The BOEALPS Intermediate Climbing Class (ICC) is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to advance their basic climbing abilities and who have a desire to gain the skill and experience necessary to climb some of the more technical and remote climbs in the Cascades and the Olympics.


WFA Class
The BOEALPS Wilderness First Aid (WFA) program is designed to prepare you to deal effectively with accidents that can occur in remote areas where professional medical help is not readily available. The WFA certification is valid for 2 years.