Basic Rock Class

Rock Climbing Fundamentals

Basic Rock Class (BRC)

The BOEALPS Basic Rock Class (BRC) is designed to bridge the gap between the Basic Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing Classes. It introduces students to principles of technical rock and basic alpine climbing, allows them to establish mentorship relationships with more experienced climbers through a 1:1 student-to-instructor ratio, and gives them experience in following a trad lead climber who will lay the groundwork for learning to lead after the class.

The class is designed to leave plenty of time for personal, non-class climbing over the summer. It runs from late June until August and includes three full weekend outings and one single-day alpine outing. The class size is limited to 12 students. In addition to weekend outings, there will be Monday night lectures on the weeks preceding a weekend outing. There will also be a skills night at the Mountaineers’ Sand Point Clubhouse during the first week of class.

2021 Course Details

Invitation to Instructors

For those who have the experience and the training to go with it, the BOEALPS Basic Rock Class is a fun class to help instruct. If you are interested in participating in this course as an instructor, fill out the instructor application!

Course FAQs

This course is aimed at people who have all of the basic mountaineering skills and who have the desire and drive to learn how to climb. The ideal student is someone who has applied the basic principles of mountaineering by going out on their own to experience and learns beyond their basic mountaineering instruction.

In addition, applicants must be in good physical condition. It is difficult to overstate the importance of physical conditioning on a student’s overall class experience.

You may drop from the course at anytime; however, the timing will depend on the refund amount.

If you cancel before the first outing (Leavenworth), a 100% refund will be processed. After that, no refund exists.

BRC Highlights