All of the equipment listed below is available for loan to BOEALPS members. The gear is for members to try out different types of high priced items to help them decide which one to buy for themselves, or to borrow items that they would infrequently use so would not want to buy. It is not to replace gear that a member should buy for him/herself. Members can check out only one of each item (unless they have a family membership). There is no charge for the equipment, but if you bend it, you mend it. The maximum loan period is for 2 weeks, although with special permission longer loan periods can be negotiated (for an out of the area trip, for example). Equipment must be returned to the same location it was checked out from, and can’t be passed directly on to another BOEALPS member, since the condition of each item needs to be checked after each use.

Note that equipment that is being taken out of Washington or is needed for longer than 2 weeks requires prior approval from the BOEALPS Executive Board.

The equipment committee is always interested to hear suggestions from members about what gear they feel would be a good addition to the inventory. Keep in mind, however, that club equipment is chosen for its versatility and toughness.


Climb on!

— Equipment Officers



STEP 1: Identify the equipment you would like to borrow from the list below, and the location where you would like to borrow from (North-Everett, Central-Seattle, or South-Renton); Contact the gear focal at that location to confirm availability – see “Contact Us” link below


STEP 2: Fill out the online form : Equipment Rental Application Form


STEP 3: Print, Read, Date and Sign the Equipment Rental Agreement : Equipment Rental Agreement


STEP 4: Pick up the equipment at the gear locker location, with your signed rental agreement in hand; Enjoy your outing !; Upon your return, clean/dry the gear as needed and return the equipment to the same gear locker location on or prior to the return date

BEACONSBCADTS Tracker SF457MHzAvalanche Beacon552
MammutPulse Barryvox 457MHzAvalanche Beacon11
PiepsDSP 457MHzAvalanche Beacon1
PROBESBCAStealth 270Snow Probe24
SHOVELSBCAB-1 EXT BomberSnow Shovel442
ICE CLIMBINGBlack diamondCobraIce Climbing Tool - Hammer (first generation)1
Black DiamondShrikeStraight Shaft Alpine Ice Tool - Hammer1
Black DiamondShrikeStraight Shaft Alpine Ice Tool - Adze1
Black DiamondRageIce Climbing Tool - Hammer1
Black DiamondRageIce Climbing Tool - Adze1
Black DiamondViperAll-Around Ice/Alpine Climbing Tool - Hammer (2020)2
TrangoRaptorTechnical Ice Climbing Tool - Hammer (2020)2
GrivelNorth MachineTechnical Ice/Alpine Climbing Tool - Hammer (2020)2
Black DiamondExpressIce Screws (BD Holster available for stowage/transport)10
Grivel360 Easy-RackIce Screws (BD Holster available for stowage/transport)4
PetzlLaser Speed LightIce Screws (BD Holster available for stowage/transport)2
GrivelCandelaV-Thread Tool2
SKIS AND SNOWSHOESHaganAlpin T1180cm Touring Skis (with skins) for mountaineering boots1
HaganAlpin T1180cm Touring Skis for mountaineering boots1
SherpaFeatherweightMedium Snowshoe - good for climbing51
SherpaLightfootLarge Snowshoe - good for deep, soft snow1
TubbsKathadinSmall Snowshoe - best for total weight < 170 lbs2
MSRDenali LlamaSnowshoes with wing attachments21
MSRDenali AscentSnowshoes1
MSRDenali Evo AscentSnowshoes112
TENTS AND SHELTERSNorth FaceMountain 252-Person Expedition Tent1*
North FaceVE-253-Person 4-Season Tent1
Sierra DesignStretch Prelude AST3-Person Expedition Tent1
MossLittle Dipper3-Person Expedition Tent1
North FaceHima 474-Person 4-Season Tent1
Mountain HardwearTrango 22-Person 4-Season Tent11
Mountain HardwearTrango 33-Person 4-Season Tent1
FishDoubleWhammy Portaledge2-Person Portaledge with Fly1
MossSuperFly2-4-Person Floorless Tent1
Mountain HardwearEV2Lightweight 2-Person Single Wall Expedition Tent1*

* NOTE: Reserved For Expeditions. Board approvalĀ & $100 deposit is required.

Contact Us to check out gear, ask a question, or provide feedback.