Basic Mountaineering Class

Mountaineering Fundamentals


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Basic Mountaineering Class (BMC)

The BOEALPS Basic Mountaineering Class (BMC) is a great opportunity to learn the skills that are necessary for basic competence in alpine travel. This course covers at an introductory level everything from proper clothing and route finding to crevasse rescue and glacier travel. If you are new to the outdoors or have outdoor experience but lack the training to go with it, then this course is a must for you!

Class sessions are held on Wednesday evenings, with one-day weekend outings (either Saturday or Sunday) from mid February through June. Note that two full weekend overnight outings are also scheduled during the class (snow camping and graduation climb).

2021 Course Details

Invitation to Instructors

If you are interested and have the experience necessary to instruct the BOEALPS Basic Mountaineering Class (BMC), please email for more details.

Course FAQs

As part of the application process, a fitness evaluation will be required for all students and instructors.

The fitness evaluation is designed to help better balance the BMC teams with a range of fitness levels. This will help all students to receive a nearly identical mountaineering learning experience regardless of team.

Additionally, it will give you an evaluation of your own fitness before the class starts, and an idea of the exertion expected on the class outings.

Reference the Fitness Evaluation for more details.