Hands on Learning!


BOEALPS offers a number of one and two day seminars on a variety of topics. These classes are meant to be a jumping off point to introduce the student to a new area of climbing and to give them enough information to get going on their own.

Most of the seminars are taught by volunteers from within the club and are relatively inexpensive. This cost helps to offset the expenses incurred by the instructors as well as the club for equipment and transportation.

Occasionally, a professional guide will teach some more advanced techniques. When this happens, the students will be asked to cover the complete cost of the instructor’s services.

The gear required for each seminar will vary. Generally, a harness, helmet, and crevasse rescue gear will be needed for any class requiring rope work. Seminars are announced on the club’s social pages, through The Alpine Echo, and our mailing lists.

Seminars Offered

Photo: Danika Globokar