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Membership Benefits:

  • Subscribe to the Club Mailing List at:
  • The Basic Mountaineering Class (BMC) offered each spring is a fantastic, fun way to learn safe climbing or a great opportunity for graduates to volunteer as an instructor.
  • The Basic Rock Class (BRC) offered each summer helps you hone in in your rock skills.
  • The Alpine Climbing Class (ACC) is also offered each spring. Protection, leading, ice climbing, aid climbing taught with a great instructor-student ratio and an emphasis on safety.
  • The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification program is available to keep you in check with safety.
  • General meetings and social activities throughout the year.
  • Activities including campouts, picnics, photo contests, and organized climbs.
  • A Winter & Summer Climbing Series to keep the blood flowing (and the holiday pounds off).
  • Seminars on rock climbing, leading, ice climbing, avalanche awareness, backcountry skiing, etc… are offered as a great way to continue learning throughout the year.
  • The monthly newsletter “The Alpine Echo,” featuring the club calendar, seminars, activities, photos, great climbing stories, conservation ideas, outdoor topics columns, and more.
  • Great exercise with wonderful people in the beautiful Cascades and beyond!
Individual Member$25Boeing employees and contractors. Government, customer, contract, and vendor personnel assigned full time to support the company, subject to Boeing Recreation approval.
Individual Associate$25Individuals (other than retirees) who voluntarily terminated their employment or individuals who were previously employed by the company and terminated due to a reduction in force. Additionally, former employees must have been employed by the company and been active members of the club for which they are seeking associate membership for a minimum of 3 consecutive years immediately prior to their application for associate membership.
Individual Retiree$20Company retiree in accordance with IRS definition.
Family Membership$30Family membership is available to Boeing employees, retirees and associate members who wish to include their spouse and dependents, as determined by the IRS, or domestic partner, as defined by Boeing. Each family pays for one membership and gets one vote, but each participating family member must complete a release of liability form.


  • The membership year is from January 1 to December 31.
  • Continuing membership dues are due by January of each year.

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