Photo Contest

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Photo Contest

Dust off your negatives, download your memory cards, and bring your best adventure photos to the BOEALPS photo contest! This year the event we will be virtual. Photo submissions and voting will be hosted on the website The awards ceremony will be held on Zoom. Don’t worry, the prizes will be very real. The most popular photos will be featured in upcoming Alpine Echo and on the BOEALPS Photo Gallery.

Photo Categories

Show off what you learned or taught this year from the various BOEALPS courses, seminars, and/or events!

Simple, show people climbing. Rock, ice, glacier, or your solo climb up City Park for the sponsors. Sorry, leave your pictures from bouldering at the gym at home; you’re alpinists for goodness sake.

Come on, something funny must have happened when you went climbing, do you have a picture of it? Let’s maintain some level of good taste here please. Don’t show anything that your mother wouldn’t approve of.

Any picture that displays the great alpine vistas we can never get enough of.

This category is for all those miscellaneous pictures you take along the way on your climb such as the grove of alpine flowers, the marmot that tried stealing your food, or the mysterious looking forest you walked through during your approach.

Share the pictures of your friends you went climbing with or the people that you met along the way during your adventure.

Pretty self explanatory, your best sunrise, sunset or star pictures taken in the mountains.

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