BOEALPS Elections

»Posted on Aug 25, 2011

September 2011 General Meeting & Elections

WHEN: Thursday, September 1st AT 6:30 PM
WHERE: Blue Star Café

The September General Meeting will host the 2012 BOEALPS Executive Board elections.
The club will provide appetizers AND fabulous door prizes (must be present TO win).

Feel free TO JOIN us (even IF you are NOT an “official” BOEALPS member) FOR SOME food AND a chance TO take home SOME NEW climbing gear.

Hope TO see you AT the September General Meeting!

Wilderness & Remote FIRST Aid (WRFA) Course

»Posted on Aug 15, 2011

WRFA prepares you TO deal effectively WITH accidents that occur IN remote areas WHERE professional medical HELP IS NOT readily available. The course combines classroom lecture WITH hands-ON practice scenarios held outdoors. Learn valuable skills that could make the difference IN the back country.

Sign up now FOR the BOEALPS WRFA CLASS TO be held IN September 2011!

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GriGri Recall Notice

»Posted on Jul 8, 2011

Petzl has discovered that exerting excessive force ON the fully extended handle OF the GRIGRI 2 can cause internal damage, such that the GRIGRI 2 handle may become stuck IN the OPEN POSITION.

Click HERE FOR more information.

Summer Picnic

»Posted on Jul 6, 2011

What: BOEALPS Summer Picnic
When: Thursday July 7th, 2011 – 6:00 PM
Where: Warren G. Magnuson Park – Shelter #3

BOEALPS will be providing the main dish (real hotdogs, burgers – veggie & beef). We ask that you please bring a potluck item to share. Last year picnic goers also brought climbing gear for use at the Mountaineer’s Building outside wall.

See you there!

Rockfest 2011

»Posted on Jun 15, 2011

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