» Posted on Sep 27, 2011

WHATFree Professional Rock Training for Beginners!


Since BOEALPS will already be out in Leavenworth for the weekend for the fall campout, here is another opportunity in the area to work on your rock climbing skills.  The American Alpine Institute is looking for volunteers to be mock students for people taking their instructor exams.  They would like you to sing up ahead of time so all needed information can be communicated to you. Below is the message from Jason Martin with some details.

The American Alpine Institute is running an American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor Exam on Sunday in Leavenworth. We are currently seeking individuals who would like to play the role of student for the exam candidates on:


Primarily we are interested in climbers who haven't spent a great deal of time outdoors. The exam candidates will provide a day's worth of climbing instruction to those who are interested under the supervision of an AMGA Certified Rock Guide for FREE. Mock students will work with the guides from approximately 9am to 4pm. If you need to leave early, that's certainly fine. The ideal "mock client" will have rock shoes, a helmet and a harness, though if you don't have one of these things, we may be able to provide it.

The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor Course and exam is the first in the AMGA sequence of climbing instructor and guide training programs.

The SPI course was designed to help capable recreational climbers transition into capable and effective climbing instructors. The course focuses on the technical skills required by an instructor as they are applied in all forms of single pitch climbing instruction. In addition to this, the course addresses the essential educational and environmental tenets required to teach climbing. Those seeking certification may go on to take a two-day field examination following the course. Certified Single Pitch Instructors are expected to demonstrate the technical and educational proficiencies necessary to instruct a variety of single pitch rock climbing skills in a safe and effective manner to both groups and individuals.

To read more about the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor course and exam, please click on the following link:


If you would like to participate in this guide assessment as a mock student and to obtain some free training, please call JASON or JAMES between 9am and 5pm on a business day at 360-671-1505.


Jason Martin
Director of Field Operations
American Alpine Institute