Intermediate Climbing Class (ICC)


The BOEALPS Intermediate Climbing Class (ICC) is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to advance their basic climbing abilities and who have a desire to gain the skill and experience necessary to climb some of the more technical and remote climbs in the Cascades and the Olympics. The Intermediate Course builds on the fundamentals learned in the BOEALPS Basic Climbing Class (BCC) and helps students take their climbing to the next level–focusing on more advanced rock climbing and mountain safety skills. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to practice decision-making and to develop leadership skills in the alpine environment.


Class runs from mid-March to the end of August with a Monday night classroom session and a weekend outing about every two weeks. Please view the ICC Calendar for the schedule. Please be aware that class dates are hard committments and make-ups are generally not acceptable. If you have concerns about specific dates, please contact the head instructor.


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For those who have the experience and the training to go with it; the BOEALPS Intermediate Climbing course is a fun class to help instruct.


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