» Posted on Oct 18, 2011

The BOEALPS Constitution & Bylaws (C&BL) have been amended to reflect recent modifications to the Boeing Recreation club administration document requirements. It has been divided into two (2) documents. The C&BL reflects required documentation between the Boeing Recreation administration and BOEALPS. The new required document being implemented is called the Operating Procedures (OP). This document entails all BOEALPS operational requirements set by the club and not required by the Boeing Recreation administration. The main reason for the new OP document is to allow Boeing clubs to operate freely without constant intervention with the Boeing Recreation administration on club related amendments. The OP is required to adhere to all Boeing Recreation administration policies and guidelines.


  • Honorary Guests are eligible for BOEALPS membership benefits
  • Executive Board members can hold office a maximum term length of two (2) years
  • BOEALPS will contribute $1 per member per year to the BOEALPS-Agris Moruss Trust for Public Land (TPL) annual donation
  • Officer elections can be made by paper or electronically
  • Activities chair is responsible for organizing the BOEALPS Banquet
  • Major Climbing Class equipment reallocation is explained
  • The Executive Board has sole responsibility of the Operating Procedures
  • A unanimous vote by the Executive Board is required to amend the OP
  • A notice shall be sent to each member and a copy published to the BOEALPS website

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The revised Constitution & Bylaws will be voted upon at the 2011 Annual BOEALPS Banquet held on Friday November 4th. If you are not able to attend, you can vote by e-mail.

2011 BOEALPS Executive Board