» Posted on Jun 19, 2014

When:  Friday, July 11 (3:00 PM) – Sunday, July 13 (2:00 PM)
Where:  8-mile Campground Group Campsite, Icicle Creek

It's time once again for the annual BOEBaby Campout! This is THE car camping outing for parents who actually still climb, who would like to climb, who have never climbed but have a spouse/partner who does, and those who have vague recollections of climbing before parenthood struck! 
Come hang out for a weekend with fellow and former BOEALPers for a fun time telling stories of past climbs, current plans for climbs, stories of what funny/embarrassing things your child has said or done, funny/embarrassing things your partner has said or done, kid chasing, and possibly even a bit of climbing! Kids range in age from teenagers to babies and the great thing is they tend to run around in a pack at the campground, so the older ones look after each other and only a couple of parents are needed to watch the posse of wee ones. There is actually time to have conversations with some of the other parents – no guarantee they won't be uninterrupted conversations, though. 
Bring climbing gear, bicycles for the kids, and swim wear for the pool in Leavenworth and the small beach at the other end of the campground. BOEALPers without children are welcome to attend, as long as you have a high tolerance for noise and chaos and don’t mind an early bedtime.
There will be a potluck breakfast Sunday morning consisting of pancakes, fruit, sausage and bacon, juice, and LOTS of coffee. If you want to participate in the breakfast, please RSVP to Steve Behrend (steven.d.behrend@gmail.com).